The purpose of this page is to allow participants to request access to the data collected from their device during the trial or ask for this data to be deleted. The service will remain online as long as the data is stored by Telenor or their collaborators, which is for at most 3 years after the end of the trial. Since participation in the study is anonymous, each participant must provide their secret key in order to submit an access or deletion request. If the mobile application was reset during the study (e.g. through the deletion of application data), you will have received more than one secret key. If this is the case, you must submit a separate request for each secret key.

The response to any request can take up to 30 days. It is made available through a (secret) URL. Until the response is ready, this URL will simply return Not Found (404). An access request response will come in the form of a .zip file containing all the data associated with this secret key, whereas a deletion request response will come in the form of a simple web page, which simply states when the deletion was completed. The access request response (.zip file) will become unavailable 60 days after it has been downloaded.

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